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Changing your First 5 Password
Last Updated 11 months ago

First 5 Self-Service Password ResetSelf-Service Password Reset
Now if you need to reset your password, you can request it at the login screen.

  1. Click the “If you forgot your password please click here.” Link.


Figure 3: Login Screen

  1. image
    You will be taken to a site where you can either reset your password or change it. To reset your password, select “Reset Password”

Figure 4: Password Reset

  1. image
    Enter your Persimmony Username (Typically it will be your first and last names separated by a space) and the characters in the confirmation window and click on Continue. NOTE: the characters will be different than those shown Figure 5: Password Reset

Figure 5: Password Reset

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    If you email is in the Persimmony system, you can select your email ID from the dropdown. NOTE: if your email is not in the system you will need to contact your First 5 program manager to reset your password.
    Type the characters from the picture, and click Continue

Figure 6: Email Selection

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    You’ll see a message stating that an email has been sent with instructions on resetting/unlocking your account. Go to your email account and follow the link to reset your password
  2. Reset your password following the instructions on the screen
  3. Use your new password to log into Persimmony

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